Insomnia Soup


You will never understand how dark it is at 3:27 amUntil you meet me.It is darker than the circles under my eyesOr my polished purple toes.At 3:27Black is a whole different color.A whole different voice.Hello lovehe whispers at my window.I can taste fear through the curtains.But Black has a beautiful smile.So I must invite him in.First into my roomThen to my closetthen I open the door to my head.Black has a nest in my mind. Make yourself at homeI giggle. Not a real giggle.More like a shriek. But Black doesn't mind that I really don't want him.He enjoys munching on membranes. He enjoys it so muchHe doesn't even know that I hate him.Black's feast causes pain.Pain that radiates down to my stomach.Sometime around 4am I sit up in a panic.beads on my forehead.a marathon in my chest.little knives in my stomach.... searching for a way out.So I scream.Black feeds of my scream.I know it is not working but it's all I can do.Help me!Help Me!SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.Around this time I remember to drink pink.The liquid chalk slides down my open wounds.I slide my thoughts to my mind.Furiously.tirelessly.I try to remove Black.But he is too far in.Munching on money and a future college degree.Dismembering the friend that I don't have to talk time it is a thoughtthen a tidal wave.The saga ends around 5 when Black finally sets me free.He tattoos my face with purple ink.He fogs my mind with an inhaler.But Black is gone.Gone for tonight.So I sit down and write.Write about the things Black chewed on.The ones so bitter he spit them on the tile.And if I keep writingI feel safe.When I am done writing.I know I am safe.




Thos is crazy good stuff! Way to express!

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