I'm tired.
I'm tired everyday.
It's not because I'm doing work,
It's not because I'm forcing myself to stay up.
I just can't sleep.


That is what it is.
It is something serious.
I hate it when people stay up one night
and say they have insomnia.
No, you don't.
It mocks me when you say that.
A normal person able to sleep,
who chooses to stay up.
Against me a someone who
doesn't have a choice on sleeping.
It's not a lie or a joke.
Do people think I make up that
I don't sleep at all?
Apparently so.
They scoff when I say that I didn't sleep.
You can see me awake online,
posting things, making comments, chatting.
What more evidence do you need?
I even send the teacher emails
who reads them in class
and then tells me to sleep
because they notice the time I send it.
I don't need to prove that I have it,
For you to see that I have it
will end with me rubbing it in your face.
I might be tired but believe me when I say that
I don't need to sleep and still run miles around you.
I'm tired
and I can't sleep because I have this and
thousands of thoughts running the mile
in my head.
This is what causes my insomnia
and I can't stop.



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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