Inside the Covers of this Book...

A dusty, near- forgotten tome
found in some long- neglected nook
its paper a fragile parchment
crinckled with age...
You open the cover,
peer as if into a portal-
you expect profound truths.
Disappointed at first,
you read only this -
( though later appreciate
the wisdom revealed.)
" Seeker,
future poet,
understand that there is no quick
to instant englightenment
and any creed or dogma
can only direct...
Read the ancient
inspired works
the Holy Bible,
and Bhagavad Gita,
read the
I- Ching,
the Diamond Sutra
and the classics
Homer and Shakespeare
you'll grow in knowledge
but know this-
you must forge your own path,
uncover your own truths,
become your own sage."


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