With success

Comes hate

And judgement

With newfound fame

Or an award

Comes new speculation

And observation

You feel tiny

And ostracized

You feel defiant

But you check yourself


Once or twice

A dozen times

Arrogant and egotistical

Proud and rude

All of them are fired

At a safe and wordless


Out of the foggy blue

Fishing for compliments

When you give

Your congrats

And if that's 

How it is


You do that

But the niggling


Jiggles in your

Restless mind

Are you vain

Or haughty

If you are

What of it

There are others 

Who brag and boast

And yet one

Who never speaks

Is now the meal's 


Why is it

That you will

Never be accepted

Whether you keep

Silent and still

Or become

The talk of the mill

No matter what

They talk about you

Behind your back

And it's tiring

And exhausting

To go through

That thick and stuffy


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My community


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