my head is filled with thoughts of i'll never be good enough of i will never be as beautiful as the model on the magazine covers i always see. i have thoughs of why the fuck am i here i will never be as smart as these people i will just fail and embarass myself. nobody knows these thoughts that spin around constantly screaming inside of my head these thoughts torture my soul and crumble it to dust and i just sit and watch as it blows away in the wind. i am trying to work through these thoughts and break away from the pain that sits in the back of my head the problem is they creep up on me out of now where and just sit there and torment me. im fragile.they know it.thats why they keep coming back to haunt me. i try not to let them take over my brain but sometimes they just become too loud for me to ignore.


HI. so these are my thoughts on a daily basis. i have a lot of insecurities and these are just some of them but i wanted to share them because i want people to know they are not alone. just try not to let them overcome you. you are beautiful inside and out. - Ash

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