I do something small 

And it turns into an elephant sitting on my head

These words I hear

A hammer beating me down

I don't like myself

My insecurities screaming so loud 

Nobody likes you 

Nobody cares 

You smile so kindly 

Someone has to be there 

I beat myself for making a mistake 

Things will be better 

Tomorrow is another day

These dark thoughts turning  in my head 

They are stuck with me from the time I get up 

To when I go to bed 

I smile and I laugh

But is it all real 

What the heck is this emotion I can't help but feel 

Like a monster chasing me 

I know that it's dumb 

But this thing that I feel makes me want to run

Try as hard as I can I fight these voices telling me I can't

Strong I muster to be 

I make myself believe that I am trully  happy

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