Insane in the Membrane

My kid’s six,

and he’s acting out,

what should I do,

to get him to stop his cries and pouts?


I’m unsure,

but I know he’s depressed,

doc prescribes Prozac,

sounds crazy, I must confess,

yet I oblige,

since they’re the experts,

who am I to question,

clinical trials based on solid research?


Naturopaths disagree,

as do many others,

who say there’s something here that seems really fishy,

giving young kids drugs for depression, anxiety, and ADD,

popping pills as if they were swallowing candy,


It’s insane in the membrane,

that’s for sure,

drugs and chemical reactions in a growing brain,

can lead to even more suffering and distressing pain,


Sure there’s FDA approval,

for Prozac, an anti-depressant,

but to have young Johnny take it,

don’t you think you’re being a bit incessant?,


I’m no rocket scientist,

but it seems fairly evident,

if a kid’s depressed,

drugging him up,

just doesn’t make common sense?


Biased research will cite,

improvement in many cases,

but if you read the fine print,

suicide can go up and depression may worsen,


Here’s my prescription,

since I don’t prescribe drugs,

get your kids active, eating healthy, and socially connected,

talk to them regularly,

and stop being so passive,


Your kids need you,

more than your need for a quick fix or solution,

stop looking at the doc,

confusing his wisdom with God,

he’s not the ultimate healer,

just a man doing a job.


What the world needs,

is not more drugs,


We need more caring,

adults reaching out to young ones,

mentoring if willing,

a community to come together,

to raise each other’s families,

that way,

kids will know they are loved unconditionally.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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