why is it always me choking on insanity, I just gotta hide I'm losing my humanity, wish I could turn back time, wish they'd see he worth more than a few dimes, but nothing comes but frozen hands, reaching out for his throat where is petter pan, take him far from this crazy world, the dead man sleeps but blood he hurled, trying just to sleep at night in his mind there comes a knife, what is he supossed to do it comes to him in mid life to, people look and people stare, but they don't know their not aware, I've come to take the life I'm owed, just like people come and go, I'm not insane just going crazy, I'd strike you down but I'm too lazy, feeling quite a bit hazy, I'm a girl but I'm not a daisy, your gonna feel the pain now, as it comes striking down, the big butcher knife, watch it as it takes a pigs life, take the bacon to my home cook it up my trash I throwed, I finally got the life I was owed.     hope you liked it ~ Katgirl

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Our world


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