I've been innocent since forever

But forever never came

So I've been lying in this bed awake

While my dreams chase after me

They've been calling out my name

As I look back at their stitched mouths

And no one came to same me from the horror

And I couldn't save myself from the lies

So while the monsters tore through memories,

The fairies enchanted nightmares

I sat upon my throne

Hidden on a cloud, of lies

So please, just cut out my tongue

So I can laugh all day

Remove my lungs so I can breathe

Because even with these eyeballs, 

I've never been able to see

I can paint such a pretty picture

But I've never seen the brush

Even my brand new toys

Are slowly beginning to rust

After winter, spring never came

The green died before the flowers could bloom 

And the birds never sand their song

So hidden in the shadows 

Is the brightest star ever seen

But no one can retrieve it

Because that star is me

And since I've been innocent

For forever and a day

The broken cannot touch me

The liars cannot hear me

The greedy cannot see me

The gluttons cannot smell me

The weak cannot taste me

So here I wait

For someone as innocent as I 

To retrieve their fallen star

And place me back within the sky

So I, I can shine

And light up the night

Bring peace to those who see me

And light up this barren land

Fill it with the innocent 

Hope that surrounds me

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