The Innervention

Plenty fish in the sea plenty pebbles in the sand
Whats the devil with a tan like a rebel with the can
Throwin up leaving tags on the wall
Either sobering up or not sober at all

Is the cake worth the candle
Dices loaded come to that 7 panel pot too hot to handle you lit you candle on both sides yo
You came a long way fell short don't be mad though

The cherry taste best with the second bite
Treat life Mario and get an extra life
I'm so sorry though I hope this will help make it right
Should a left it alone in the first place

Took one hit and ran with it to third base
No going back im coming home thanks for the wait I wont be long
Thanks for the strength that kept me strong
In the back of my head I wanna pack me a bong
Would you be mad if i said it was over
Would you be mad if i begged to sober
Would you be mad if i just sticked to the soda
Would you be mad if i regret that I told ya

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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