Inner Universe

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 13:17 -- Nobody


A place within is, there is, a large room with no walls, no floors, or no ceilings

A deep abyss inside us, there dwells our truest and rawest feelings

It is there where storage is unfathomed by limit, having the means to never cease

And only in that wide room, that deep abyss, our true nature is revealed to release

A vast land where we escape to from all the hurt and pain

Here is roamed by the once corrupted and scarred minds, are now healed and sane


In this place lying within us, lives our despairs and hopes, our fears and our dreams

Where the shadow of darkness looms heavily, and is accompanied by bright beams

Where sorrow and sadness cry together, and elation and joy hug one another

And where a violent hurricane of rage, holds in it's eye, a drifting peaceful feather

Though this heavenly and horrid location is intangible, we can all take hold

It is from this land that our imagination is born and our stories told


What and whereof exactly is this place you may ask, yet you had already known

Demonstrated in subconcious, or wheter you lay awake, you always enter this zone

To find this destination's route, you needn't look no further or to search

The guide lies within you, and you are eager to go, like an eagle awaits to ascend its perch

It is this center of lost memories that are found and remembered

Where pain may run deep and our wounds are nursed and tendered


I can go here, you can go there, we all enter this place but never meet

Your world may cold and desolate, and mine may be of scorched plains and intense heat

For my door is opened only unto me, and it's closing is of my control and power

I can choose to dwell here all day, or just for an hour

This place is mine forever with no expiration date of ownership, it is here where my heart and mind converse

I can leave here and never be absent, always will i be safe inside my Inner Universe


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i believe that i can make it in ife

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