Inner thoughts from the soul survivor

Somebody help me from this nightmare


I feel like a piece of taffy that's is being stretched out until its elasticity gives out,

broken in two needing an extra push to be one again.

A fish out of water drowning... in the overbearing air.


Seeing everything and everyone around

but it seems like it's happening through someone else's eye.

Perhaps viewed through the media enriching box placed in every room.


Time elapses and I realized a week went by and I have done nothing…

How predictable because of the expectations placed upon me I see them as my limitations.

Yet, we are the only beings that track time, to make sure we have enough time, in a earth with infinite time, but we live with limited time.


My heart is heavy, my eyes weary I get up feeling mournful.

Now all your love, they sing your song.  It's in memories you'll live on.

Your life wasn't in vain, but without you nothing is the same.

Tears shed, your face remains deep in my mind since that's the only place I can visit you.

I'm sorry for what you've created, a devilish savage and only seen at the end.


Why did I get another day...

Struggling with my inner Demons;

with my external monsters and my potential villains

I drag myself out of my bed to put on the face everyone knows me for and commence my daily journey. When speaking to others it is as if my soul had escaped from my temple, watching myself communicating from a foreign region.


I guess you can say I am the walking dead just getting by in life without living life.

This sensation that something is missing, is it the one above us all?

Since I started to stray from the path he has manufactured before hand.


You asked for my authentic self,

you have received SOME of my endless tormenting thoughts that have been hidden through that pound of makeup and great big grin,

so do you still feel the same way about me now that you have met my genuine self...

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