Inner Demons

My demons like to come out and play

Don't worry they won't bother you they are only after me

In fact let them braid your hair, they are great at that

Do you need your make up done, they have that down pact

What you need an OOTD no need they can hook you up

See you see the demons within me

They decorate my life

They make sure to let me know without them I am not all that great

They make sure that you see a model perfect version of me

Because that what I have to be...right


Who in the heck set this crap up

Who in their right mind decided that for us


Be GONE with you demons

I love me, in all my imperfectly perfect ways

You have no hold on me

oh but wait I need a selfie

come back to me

My world has lost its perfect light

How did this happen, I did not mean it


What am I saying

THERE is NO need for this

I need to find my inner bliss

PLEASE say you will just walk away

it appears as if nothing is going my way

I need you to push yourself on a different path

I am sure I can handle it without you once you are for real gone

I just do not think I can do it alone

NOOOO that is you again sweet demon

How do you keep doing this

BE GONE I say again

You have no right to be here


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