Inked Up


United States

On my ribs, pointing towards my heart

You’ll see the sign that helps me to move on.

When my heart starts racing,

My fingers feel tingly and shake,

I look in the mirror

And remember what it says.


My fears come so fast

Just as did the black ink onto my skin.

The strong pasty smell

That oozed out of the needle.


The pain coming to my skin,

Was no match to what I’ve been through as a “kid.”

Anxiety, depression, an attempted suicide.

My tattoo on my ribs,

Shows me that I’m able to push it all aside.


The pain came as fast as my heart,

When I’m about to take a test.

My mouth so dry,

My ears ringing

And my face getting hot.

It came as sharp and as painful

As a knife going into my chest.



what I’ve learned

is that some pain is good.

Without showing how I feel

I would never be able to go through.


To help me survive

I keep everyone I love close.

Without my family

I never would have been able to cope.

They help me in every possible way

And even when they can’t

I still feel more blessed

Than a pirate finding a treasure chest.


When I look at my heartbeat with a small semicolon,

I remember everything I’ve just mentioned

And the pain I subside.

Now, don’t think I’m depressed.

Because I’m just being honest.

For without this ink on my skin,

I never could have done this.


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Poetry is my way of escaping all of the things going on in life. Writing helped me discover who I truly was. And now I can share my stories with all of you! :)

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