Raspberry perfumes the scent of my storeroom

but see my money don't talk.

Instead it shines

holding me together in pressed fashion

like milk does my milkshakes,

as butter to a skillet,

or roots to a tree

but yea go ahead and pass me that butter sugar.

Thank you sweetie

Sweet root canals we was having before they built them new ones

and yes I still wonder how exactly did them levees break?

Ohhh yes Katrina came through on her breakthrough

say in the early days of morning

but childdd you mean to tell me for all them people

All them... people



you couldn't keep a wall up?

Broke you down

crumbling in disseminated division

And shhh hush now

don't repeat this

I heard

I heard if it were to come today

it would repeat

as a open massacre.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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