The influence

Whispers of correlation

“others feel exactly what you’re going through”,

Vulnerability on paper without  hesitation

Speaking the truth as if they are living life with you


Poets and Poetry

Taught me that no human exist in perfect symmetry

Words filled with emotions and flows of energy spilling into melodic harmony

Speaking to me like the pitter patter of a symphony


Connecting to a stranger

Finding comfort in being a little bit broken

All with just the start of words, pen, and paper

Causing something within me to be awoken


Reading between the lines said what no one else has said

Taught me to respect and embrace my inner being and all the complexities within my head

Reading taught me to rise up again, no matter what tries to hinder you

Which is all thanks to poets like Maya Angelou


The metrical assortment of words into an intrinsic rhythm taught me…creativity

To express myself intuitively

Mixing and mingling the words I know

To show feelings from within that sensate a fiery glow


The harmonic tempo of the expression of emotion and insight teaches me

To turn lemons into lemonade

To take everything I am handed and to turn it into a piece of art I made

Into something original and peculiar, inherently a part of me


Show a part of me that is not so easy to see

Full of complexity and vulnerability

Spilling it from the tip of my tongue to the pages of a thin piece of paper

Resulting in the feeling of being free, a warmness that will not Taper



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