Infinite Relationships of the Elements

Sun, 08/25/2013 - 21:48 -- Mariska


Infinite Relationships of the Elements


Oceans crashing against her boundaries.

Angrily throwing herself against the craggy cliffs,

Seductively luring men out to her horizons,

Acquiescing to her younger Sister; splitting into rivers and streams.


Earth confining her younger Sister; creating rivers and streams.

Guiding waters to nourish her great trees and dipping fields, 

Offering simple comforts for man to flourish,

Collaborating with her Brother; renewing and destroying life as a phoenix.


Fire combating and supporting his Sisters; renewing and destroying life as a phoenix.

Fighting with Sister Water- a perfect example of Yin and Yang,

Creating with Sister Earth- Fire and Earth scorching life to let it thrive anew,

Carrying living embers on the whispering Winds of matrimony.


Wind tying all of his Sibling elements together in turbulent matrimony.

Oceans and Earth clashing in an endless battle,

Fire and Wind conversing in a spluttering tongue,

Each power fearsome and demanding proper respect.


All elements different, yet similar.

A balance so delicate, easily imbalanced,

Oceans and Earth, Fire and Wind,

Forming the ultimate infinity.



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