The Infinite Canvas

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 19:33 -- JoeR217


United States
29° 30' 24.8184" N, 97° 54' 56.556" W

We stare into the heavens
As the sun disappeared.
Disappeared behind the snow capped mountains.
The air slowly coldens
As we're blanketed by the dark
And gaze at the diamond sparkled canvas.

The multi-colored painted canvas
Revealing the magic within the heavens
As the cold and ruthless world below becomes dark
As if all hope and light has been drained and has disappeared
Leaving behind pitch black and the cold
That lingers throughout the air of the mountains.

We lay there reaching for the stars that hang over the mountains
As if we could rip one of these beautiful gems from the endless canvas
Then hold it tightly to keep us warm and safe from the deadly fingers of the cold.
I look over and smile as I gaze into the eyes of my angel from the heavens
And her smile makes the chaos that surrounds us disappear
Then engulfs us with light that slashes through the dark.

Her smile reminding me that there isn't only dark,
That there's still true beauty surrounding these darkening mountains
And that it hasn't all been devoured or completely disappeared.
Her eyes shining like two diamonds taken from the canvas
That fills and spreads across the heavens
Filling my whole body with warmth and making me forget about the cold.

The bone-chilling cold
Lingering and hovering over us as it tries to break through her barrier along side the dark.
The barrier of love and warmth radiating from my one true love from the heavens
That ifinitely spreads and covers the world around these mountains
As it paints it with its light as if the world were the true canvas
And the night sky is the only true artist that hasn't disappeared.

Time slows down to a near stop and everything surrounds us disappears
And there's no longer any chaos, death, or cold.
Our eyes slowly close as we hold each other tightly and gaze at the magical canvas,
Closing our eyes and smiling as we begin to enter the dark
With our spirits leaving hand in hand, but our bodies remaining within the plane crash on that mountain.
Leaving our snow-blanketed graves behind us and underneath the beautiful heavens.

The heavens we enter together, but our bodies forever lost and disappear
Within those mountains as they get buried in the snow and swallowed by the never ending cold.
The dark is now forever upon us for we are now a part of the infinite canvas.


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