Wed, 06/05/2013 - 14:56 -- Wolffy

A withered child lost in her thoughts, hiding from her memories; everything she’s not
Broken dreams; family ripped at the seams, bills unpaid; not enough food for the bones paved
She is alive, through her shattered; fragmented; promising life
Her thoughts; dreams keep her blooming against the tide of unfortunate strife
Why do the stars cry, separated in the frozen darkness, while the sun gleams in full view; awakening
How does the ocean spread its wings in expansion but never learn to fly into the arms of the sky
Why do flowers sprout to bloom in the spring, but then winter forces them to die
Why do people live in such a vibrant world full of color, but choose to live in black and white
Her thoughts wander as she capably walks; witnessing the broken world as it blossoms and tune to life
She carries with her crumbled melted crayons with mommy’s bills as her notebook
She writes of the birds’ chirping freedom, of their sonnets to the sky
She remembers the rhythms at night when her hunger leaves her dry
She escapes in the dead grass, bringing it to life as she sings and speaks to flower friends
Because she believes in talking to nature for hours; so that it doesn’t have to be alone
Being idolized for its endless colorful beauty, yet ungratefully ripped out and carried away from home
Her crayons wither as her thoughts grow, but she learns to chalk with coarse; dull rocks
Writing of the wise trees; their crusty chopped roots and vivid tops
How they learned to grow away from the dirty; once unsoiled earth into the infinite untouched sky
She grows as the years take her time, still visiting life’s flowers, trees, and structured sky
I am a tree; I grow towards the unknown away from my roots, wise and strong
I am all the flowers; impossibly beautiful, infested with color; filled with light, delicate and bright
I will always be the sky, infinite, unknown. Rising and setting before today has ever been known
I write because it kept me alive. I write because there is more than what my mind holds safe inside.
I write because it paved me, made me, and saved me.


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