Fri, 04/19/2013 - 18:13 -- Matt133

Thriving, mistaken Passion - centuries old, yet Determining prosperity;
Arose as Child’s Play - Plummeted with Mind’s Pay;
Struggled for Dominance - Fell for carelessness;
Twas Vanished, Considered Demolished - the barricading Slackened;
Time past, Stories grew narrow - Tranquility flourished;

Creeping back, without knowledge - Population expansions, Effortless victims;
And 1920, succulent rising! - Effortlessly, Encourage thoughtlessly;
Unnoticed, thrashing and intensifying - No warning, No consideration;
Decades Pass, no awareness - Then It leaks, revealed in Silence;

Noticed, but majority overruled - Striking at Youth vigorously, Starting on all.
Who to Blame, Who to Accept? - No person to Accept, all to Blame;
Acting constantly, Event Horizon approaches - Retaliation failing, Doom Rising;
Avoided in Vast Past, Accepted in the Day - It is Upon Us - Nothing to do.

The Future comes, or the impression - Either of which, a Devastating tragedy;
The world considers, Plans - Or the World as we know it;
Sickened by Lies, Spoiling - Can not decide, must relearn;

It fades, Dies out - Like the very past;
And try avoiding the Past - Hopeless;
History repeats, unknowningly - It will come again.


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