The Inducers of Innocence

One's view is the basis for reality 

It's the basis for most standards

The idea of Innocence is not alienated from this basis


Innocence has a fraternal twin 


However one is an entirely different paradox than the other

Both have different meanings


Ignorance is an unmistakable absence of knowledge

Innocence is a shield from experience 

Shielding not only experience but knowledge, as well


Innocence's defenses are causing ignorance

Evoking the authority to induce ignorance as a form of protection

But those who induce are truly the ignorant beings


Ignorance is not protection

Innocence and ignorance are not friends

Ignorance is a hindrance


How can one properly acquire innocence through ignorance?

Or do we give in?

Do we allow the "inducers" to gouge out our eyes?


"What you cannot see, cannot hurt you."

Say this to the fumes on which I breathe

Say this to those I turn my head from that continue to butcher my being


Tell this heresy to he who prowls for his next victim 

They may blind me from many endeavors

But they cannot blind me from myself

This poem is about: 
My community



This poem is about those who constantly try to shield others from the world. Realistically, one will expireince the world eventually whether young or older. Depriving them of this advantage is the same as inducing ignorance.

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