Indochinese Tiger



Roaming the land of the lost

Each color that coats her back, shifts like the wind that vibrates the valleys

Her surroundings are blurred by the unfamiliarity

Smell and sight have left her side, fleeing the fatigue and confusion

Mountains in the distance have been carved by time

Here man has not touched nature


Nature has been touched by ruin

Forced into the open of the vast wilderness that contains no life

Except for her, the endangered tiger


The fur thickens for warmth

Her white underbelly matches the white sky above

The tan orange canvas that’s delicately striped with black is a target calling for death

Evolution could not prepare her kind for the cruelty of man and the loss of the surroundings that her ancestors have adapted to match

If Mother Nature had known would she have changed her children, of all shapes and sizes, to thrive in all climates of exile?


She has been out cast by settlers that carry the weapons of greed

With their drive they have forced her kind into the darkness of extinction


The sky that looks upon her journey, promises no salvation of rain

Along with her prey, she is being hunted

As the tigers succumb to the bullet, others fall to starvation


Our Tiger is lost and will never find home again.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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