There’s a point when talking about it doesn’t make you feel better anymore.

You just live with your mouth closed, walls up, and heart open because last time you spoke to someone they ignored you and acted as if what you were saying wasn't important.

Now you’re scared of just speaking, because deep down you're soft like a bruised peach.

Your heart won't let you remain soft anymore, because enough is enough.

So now you're becoming valiant, so cold, stony, and hard.

You won’t let no one hold your hand because you’re afraid that they will let go.

You won’t let anyone touch you because you’re afraid of getting hurt.

Every time someone asks you if you’re ok, you say yes while looking into their eyes because you think that you have to.

You think your pain isn’t worth the words, time, or the attention.

Now you don't care anymore, because deep down your heart is telling that its time for your voice to be heard.



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My country


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