Acne , Dark spots , Hair real hectic 

I'm still beuatiful without the filter i accept it

I may be a little rough around the edges

seeking havoc

causing damage

menace to society

but when it's work time i'm so well managed

switch my jordan's for heels

t-shirt for a blazer

and back pack for a purse

take my hair out of the bun and let it fall so freely

a little wacky and kooky

laughs and giggles

rebel at heart i let my soul soar

but still pain and anger i hoard

my grammar way heavy and my accent so strong

but do not get confused

I still hold a intellectual bone

a little vicious but oh still so nice

No filter so theirs no disguise

but if you look deeply in my eyes you can see the truth they don't lie

no filter so you can see the many pieces of my heart lying on the floor

a black picture would be the photo you see.

due to the fact of , i really don't know me

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