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A flooded tub stands in the center of
An illuminated chamber
Filthy, ink water covers the upper surface of the tub
Water drips down the squalid floor as the tension
Of the surface can’t hold anymore

Lungs compel to inhale the water,
Force to swallow grime
Germs diffuse through every organ
As the body almost dies

The corpse thrust out of the water
Respiring deeply up to
Tranquility took its lead, prolonging her to live.
Her eyes wander from place to place feeling numb,
She drags her body out the tub.

“You’re contaminated with society!”
Her body yells
As she stands in the vanguard of her reflection
Seeking for perfection.

Her own voices in her head utter
Her brain connections prepare for it!
Her stomach swirls! Her eyelids close
Tightly because she doesn’t want to see!

She doesn’t want to do so! However, her
Body belongs to societies puppet show
And she could no longer control it.
Therefore she kneels and tilts her head forward very low

At last… her insecurity flushes away
Feeling release from her internal pain
Though they’re going to drag her back to the tub
She keeps in mind and always says….

“I will not consume,
Perfection is my intention,
My toilet is my repose
And this is only the inception”.

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wow thank you for resisting society amazing poem

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