Mon, 04/25/2016 - 15:39 -- cgerney

If I was an inanimate object

I wouldn't feel the things I feel

But If I was an inanimate object

Nothing would be quite as real

I'd never be sad

I'd never be mad

But I'd never be happy either

I'd never have a chance

To even stand beside her

I'd never be anything at all.

So why do I wish for it sometimes

So badly.


It'd be a world without sight

A world without plight

A world without feelings

Only paint

Cracked and peeling

Only fate

Continually sealing

Only a blank slate

Never altered

My mind has faltered

Once before

But I won't let it


Come on,

check it!

I'm out the door

Footprints on the floor

My thoughts cloaked in chloroform

The pit of my stomach is a storm

But nothing'll let me truly mourn

The end of this smorgasbord

Of turmoil

A pot at full boil

Will never cool

When it's watched

By a fool

Who's only botched

Every attempt

At expression

He might as well be tax exempt

Cuz his stupidity is a religion


If I was an inanimate object

None of this would be real

If I was an inanimate object

I'd just be creating this mind project

All the situations that never were

All the pains that never occur

Cuz they can't get beyond my skull

Then suddenly there's a pull

I'm sailing through a sea

Of invisible obstacles

If I could see

Without these cloudy opticals

If I could be

Simply a melting popsicle

Blissfully in the summer sun


But instead I'm rocketing into outpace

Not sure if I have the right face

Not sure if my confidence is high enough

Cuz I know I feel shy enough

Cuz I've already cried enough


I mean,

I'm a man!

Winds's like a cool fan

I've got a sick plan

Walk up and say



Do you ever notice me

Cuz I notice you

From your head to your shoes

Your sure good at not tossing clues

So I hope this'll be me breaching your ruse

Of indifference

not meeting boos

Of rejection

A reflection

Of how I see myself

A collection of past mistakes

That took a toll on my health

So many moments I wanna retake

To get rid of the stealth



If I was an inanimate object

I couldn't have taken a step

If I was an inanimate object

We'd never have met.

This poem is about: 



My name is Connor Gerney. I write because there is too much in my head

to hold it all there. Artistic expression is everything. From music to visual art

to dance to the written word, I can't get enough. I wrote this poem,

half before and half after, asking a girl to prom and it is a true snapshot of my mind 

at the time. Thank you for reading!


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