Sun, 05/21/2017 - 06:12 -- Yasinta



Precious was a lady who was used to being given

she demanded clothes,

she was given,

she demanded money,

she was given,

she demanded love,

she was given,

the one important thing she forgot to demand


all the clothes she was given- oversized

all the money she was given- vapourized

all the love she was given- minimized

she was one full of pride,

demanded a lot without being deprived.

she once came to me crying

my dr sister i'm dying!

what else could i do but pity her

all the things she was given bought her,

her dignity- gone

her beauty- gone

everything she dreamt of now was torn!

she had a lot of arrogance and maids!

little did she know in the process of being given atlast she was given AIDS!


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