The Impossible Dream


the impossible dream
i wish to dream as others do
aloft in clouds and breeze
i see the bliss
the smiles
the care
all with impossible ease
Stay in slumber,
don't wake, enjoy
Float down the ripple free stream
Breathe in the scent of what could be
along these shores of ecstasy
all within your dream
Love that doesn't wane
or soften, 
or hurt
That when planted
starts growing 
higher and deeper and immune to the fact
that it will age
and slow
and tire
Pain as a memory
a past
a plot
That when released
stops hurting
fading and fleeing, heedless of its purpose
to be ever with you
and burrow
and rot
my eyes are heavy
attentive and exhausted
And i walk
on worn shoes and torn views 
Awake and aware, painfully pleading
to move forward
and sleep
and dream
with you
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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