The Impossible


I've never been an optimistic person.
To me, the glass was always half empty;
The sky always gray,
And the odds never in my favor.
I had long accepted that.
It wasn't pessimism; on the contrary,
I saw it as realism,
Such as keeping my head out of the clouds,
And on the ground.
Everything just seemed impossible, out of reach.
I had no motivation, no drive, no muse.
No passion.
Day by day passed on, monotonous, nothingness,
Like the dull sound of static on the radio.
But then everything changed,
As if a new lens cleared my vision,
As if the thick fog suddenly disappeared.
A new perspective, a new mind.
New, but not totally new: improved.
The glass was now half full,
The sky turned from gray to blue,
And luck was now on my side.
I saw a better world, a better me.
Experiences that I thought would never happen,
With surprises around every corner.
And that was when I knew:
The impossible is only impossible until you experience it,
That everything happens for a reason,
And that anything can happen.
Just like Us.
Photo credit: Tommy Do


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