Imperfectly Me.


Oh Hello. Hi. Uhm..

How do you do?

I'd like to introduce myself to you.

What you see is average.

Blonde Hair, Blue eyed, Plainly Pretty Girl.

I've nothing that would make a man,

Stop on the street and say gooood daaayy!

Nor am I the type another would envy.


But a friend recently told me,

"You are perfect in every way"

Well this caused me some trouble you see,

Because perfect is a hard thing to be.

So now I'd like to show you,

That I am not perfect,

I'm just imperfectly me.


I am INSANELY indecisive.

But I'm a Gemini, sue me.

Committment? HA!

My height at 5'5 3/4

Can't even say yes to 5'6.


I CAN go long term-Running, that is..

Away from all who matter to me.

I've got a long sleeved past,

But you know not all scars can be seen.


I'm careless with fragile hearts,

Including my own.

I shut up and sit down,

When I'd much rather stand and allow.

Allow the words.
Allow the help.
Allow the love.
Just fucking allow.

I've got walls.
Yeah, but who doesn't?
Can you break them?
Of course not, I won't let you.
It seems it's not worth it.

The days turn to night.
The nights turn to day.
My hair keeps growing.
Time keeps going.

Faster and faster it seems now-a-days.
The futures coming now,
No slow down in sight.
So here, let me tell you
Who I am tonight.

I am an average girl 
at ALMOST 5'6.
With a big enough heart,
But no courage to risk.

I am the girl with a smile for your eyes,
And a shoulder for your head.
Arms for your arms.
Hand for your hand.
Words for your ears.

I am the girl who
Given the call,
Would be there to catch you
When your world starts to fall.

I am a girl who makes mistakes.
Yeah that's a fact,
I'll just leave it there at that.

So Perfect? Not nearly.
But I'll appreciate if you believe,
That this simply, complex girl
is just-
Imperfectly me.

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