Sun, 05/27/2018 - 01:13 -- Cricket

There is a reflection looking back at her in the mirror,
what she see's isn't really how she is supposed to appear.
Perfectly imperfect from ear to ear,
every single line and wrinkle tells a story some with tears.
A face that is tired and eyes that stand upon black caves,
still they open widely and see beauty and love in what she craves.
Grey hair is taking, a body to only depress,
who is she kidding really everything about her is a mess.
Still she frantically tries, to bring back what once was,
something to be proud of and to be desired just because.
Perfectly imperfect should have been her middle name,
if she were beautiful and perfect maybe she wouldn't feel the same.
Still she stares at her reflection and will always try to smile,
She is who she is even if you don't love her style.
When she thinks of perfect and how she would like to prove oneself,
she then realizes she is perfect to someone for just being herself.
Her creator didn't give her all the looks in the world,
she deserved better so he gave her a huge heart and strong will.

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