My skin is imperfect

Blemishes, scars, and marks

Make up the fabric 

Of my features

These imperfetions

Make up who I am


My smile is imperfect

Braces marred it 

For five years

And it still is not

As straight and white

As I would like


My hair is imperfect

It is dull and frizzy

It cannot decide if

It wants to be straight or curly


My body is imperfect

I have scars that 

I have given to myself

My waist and hips

Are disproportionate 

To each other


My life is imperfect

I have loved and lost

I have made grave mistakes


I am imperfect

But I do not 

Wish to be perfect at all


I love my scarred skin

I love my dull hair

I love my slightly crooked smile

I love the scars I have given myself 

Because they remind me

Of just how far I've come


I may not be perfect 

To the rest of the World

But I am perfectly myself

And I can't imagine

Being any other way


I will continue to live

Unapologetically me

And continue to

Love myself 

Just the way I am

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