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Even when I die

My voice shall cry

Immortalized through

The mind`s eye


Even if I rot

You will not forgot

You will hear my poetry

More than the ticking of the clock


I shall live, and live on

I shall give, and give on

Immortalized through poetry

As my words and I are one


Me, you will remember

January to December

Through autumn, spring

Summer or winter


I shall be alive

Each time my poetry is read

I shall be revived

Then shall you know that I

Have been immortalized


Printed upon the pages of time

My words are divine

Ink that will never fade

Between the covers of books

Treasured by the intellects

Immortalized in a place

No one will forget


My body may have perished

And become one with the earth

But each time you open a book

It will have been my rebirth

Page by page you turn

Age by age you grow

Generation after generation will know


Not only my name

But my very soul

Will be immortalized in their thoughts

In the hearts of those who

Shall revere me

I live on for eternity


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