I was born in Indiana,

not an illegal alien.

My parents are U.S citizens,

not border jumpers.

I can understand English and speak it, so can they.

We will not cut your lawn.

They do not run a taco shop.

We earned our jobs and did not steal them.

We do not affiliate with drug trafficking.

My fathers name is not Jose or Jesus.

We did not steal this car.

We do not live in a trailor.

No, I am not related to him or her.

Yes, I do speak Spanish not Mexican.

There is difference between being Spanish and Mexican.

I have a name and it's not beaner.

Our family has multiracial friends, not just Mexicans.

I don't play soccer or enjoy it.

Being a Mexican is one of the many cultures that is often compelled to stereotypes. I have heard all these in my life more than once, unfortunately and so has my family. It will follow me and there is not much to do, except to be heard. This is my voice and my life examples, but in the end I love the very culture and race I was born in.



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