A wise man once said to me:

Imagine the world where the black man could stand, head high

truly believing that as long as he drew breath

he had the potential to change the very foundation

of his existence.


Imagine the dawn where the black babe could awake

from an undisturbed slumber

Within a dwelling that was just as pure as her innocent heart.

Without the curiosity of what the word “father” meant.


Imagine the dusk where the black girl could dream,

Knowing that she was created with honest love.

Knowing that she is honestly beautiful.


Imagine the night where the black boy could walk, worry-less

of those who wish to destroy him, his unborn dreams, and what he represents.

For that black boy, though individual, represents the very soul of his people.


I want not to change my brothers or sisters passions

but only to alter their way of perceiving life

To the point where impossible seems probable

where unattainable is achievable

and where triumph is foreseeable

For once they do, we can only imagine that glorious day where we all

shall be truly free.


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