I'm writing this poem for


I'm writing this poem for her, the temptress 

she took my mind down like a boat to a tempest 

I used to be scared when I saw her face 

but now I no longer feel a disgrace 

because I overcame that place 

in mind I never thought I could 

instead I thought I never would

even though she shredded my heart 

I know that it wasn't only her but it was also my part

to deal with the pain  

and to stop the invasion of the dark in brain 

I felt the fire burning within

to just give in 

to the largest sin 

and throw myself and my life into the trash bin 

I didn't and now  I can say that It has been 

A long painful ride I'm glad I got help for it better than acetaminophen

Jotted my thoughts down often with a pen 

to insinuate the permance of such a distaster 

and knew the days after 

could only be better to be filled with laughter 

now I see that from the ashes of this devastation 

my mind has risen and has made me a new creation 

In a place where my mind is the nation 

that shall guid my consciousness to its destination 

Rather than let it be filled with the lies 

that desensitize me 

to a life where I can finally be set free 

in hopes to find my destiny 




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I really really liked your poem! It's great. Hope you keep up the amazing work!

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