Im waiting for you, 


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Im waiting for you,

 minutes turn too hours and hours into days ill still be waiting for you, they say that time can heal, well i dont need time to heal, i need time to fly, like a new born dove spending its wings as she nervously looks down, she thinks to herself, its in the wings, one, two, three JUMP!

Within moments time was flying just like the bird, and soon he'll be home

Home to my warm embrace,

home to my gentle touch

home again thats where he belonged

even if we didn't have our own place to call home

Our home was in our heart 

that's a home no one can take from us no matter the stuggle

so, after all is said and done and your on that plane thinking of me as im thinking of you

i come to this realization that all i need

is you and thats all that will ever matter

ill be waiting for you..

because i love you

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