I'm Turning Sixteen

I'm turning sixteen,

Feels like a dream,

Just yesterday it seemed,

That I was a sweet little girl,

With flawless blonde curls,

Who loved to sing and dance and twirl,

Who loved to pretend that she was a queen,

Favorite colors were pink, red, and green,

Now I'm turning sixteen.

This is my senior year,

Got new hopes and fears,

I'm sure there'll be tears

On the day I depart

To my school of liberal arts,

New life, a fresh start.

That little girl's gone,

A young woman has dawned,

And life's moving on.

Over are the days of play,

Cheers to a new life today,

Here I go making my own way.

On to a future quite unknown,

But God's with me, I'm not alone,

I look back to see how much I've grown.

The clouds are gone, a bright blue sky

Has come to lift my spirits high,

The winds of change are blowing by.

See, now I'm turning sixteen,

Full of fresh new goals and dreams,

And childhood has been redeemed.


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