I'm A Total White Girl


United States
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I'm a total white girl right?

Cause me and that black girl don't talk the same.

I say "Hand me that thing"

and she says 'Gimme dat thang"!

So I'm called white for that.

Can't I just be educated.

Oh, I forgot, that's not how it works.

See I'm a dark skinned black girl so I'm obviously not to wise.

And I'll never own my own business.

I'll NEVER see life from the skies.

And if it isn't bad enough that the whites want to hold me back.

My fellow blacks back them up.

See they've been taught by ignorance that they can't be anything.

And that any thought of thinking they can will always be just a dream.


But I'm a total white girl, right?

Because my ears appreciate diversity.

All these girls say I'm supposed to listen to rap, but they can't interpret a single verse for me.

I like Brantley Gilbert a little more than John Legend,

But they both cheer me up when my heart is this heavy.

But i don't know Kenny Chesney and i don't know Keef Chief.

Oh wait, did i say that wrong?

I think his name is Chief Keef.


So I'm a total white girl, right?

Because i wear Roper boots and Uggs.

But in 7th grade when i tried Combat boots, you made fun of my studs.

Now they call me "fake"  for having my own style.

When they just copy the next girl.

They even mimic her smile.


But I'm a total white girl, right?

Cause me and them have more in common.

But how could you possibly know that? 

You know nothing about me. Nothing!

You say I'm racist against my own kind.

But i think we just have a different state of mind.


So I'm a total white girl because I'm not your definition of a black girl.

No, like all of us, I'm unique.

the only difference is I embrace it while you hide it.


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