I'm tired of being afraid

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 01:53 -- ShaniaS

No one is safe when the bullets start to fly
No one wants to lose a brother or a sister over a stupid white lie
I can feel the fear nibbling at my heart
I feel dizzy and afraid
There are not enough exit for me to get away
Bang bang pow pow
All your friends go down
Blood is everywhere and no one is making a sound
I'm tired of living in fear
Of a cold hard piece of metal
Why can't we take the guns away from
Children to young to know how to cock the pistol
To many funeral because someone let their gun loose
My heart beats my hands shakes
It's the fear of walking down the street the next day
Bang bang one sister lose
Pow pow here is where she will fall
Bang bang there is blood in the street
Pow pow you can shot the gun but can you take the heat?


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