I'm a teenager

Let me stay in my room,

Let me sleep till 11 o’clock

Let me go to sleep at 2 AM

Don’t be mad when I’m in my room all day

I’m a teenager,

Let me do teenage things


Leave me at the mall with friends

Leave me on the Wi-Fi for the whole day

Don’t tell me to block my online friends

Don tell me to,

‘Get out of the room’

I’m a teenager,

Let me do teenage things…


Yes, I swear

Yes, I would like to smoke

Yes, I have tasted vodka before,

And I liked it…


Let me drink

Let me experience with drugs

And see how much they ruin life

Let me try stuff out for myself!

Don’t tell me what to do

Don’t tell me to get off the internet,

Or you’ll block me from the Wi-Fi


Don’t judge me when I tell you my sexuality,

Otherwise I won’t open up to you again…


I’m a teenager,

Let me do teenage things…



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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