I'm stopped by my conscience.


You were a kid once, you once had teachers of your own for many months

Now you're teaching for an income, is it your passion, is it even fun?

All i ask for is that you push me to thrive for the grades you would have wanted in school.

I know many teachers that are miserable because of their career choice, they all feel like fools.

I am sick of your miserable attitute to the young an uneducated because of your choices.

You have one job, take pride in your work and do your job you qualified for.

Take a hint and listen to the next generations voices.

We just might be the help you're one day asking for during our next war or even if you're poor.

Not all teachers just get by with their teaching sessions.

Some have a passion and fill our minds with new knowledge.

So all you unhappy teachers can continue to do you

in the long run it's going to be us that decides your fate.

So take it in while you can, before you need a hand.



I write this peom hoping for a scolarship.

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