I'm a Partner Person

I cannot live without him. He's my person, he's my tribe.

I cannot survive without him, he's a reason I'm alive.

He's my comfort, he's my voices, he's half of what I know.

Like an extension of my limbs, he pushes me to grow.

I wish he were a symbol, I wish there was no need.

But I'm a partner person and I need love to succeed.

Alone on a lonely island, with a thought, a book, a prayer-

Left alone to my own devices, I wouldn't have a care. 

I wouldn't need to live, I wouldn't need to grow.

Love can be my meaning, and love is what you show.

I'm a partner person and I need love to survive.

You have always been that love, the reason I'm alive.

This poem is about: 
My family
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