I'm Only Me


Through struggles and battles


Through knowledge and experience


Through life and happiness


Through words and actions

Outspoken and loud, without a doubt

I'm only me

But being only me means more than a few things




I could spend hours giving you words to describe myself

Although those words could change as I get older;

I'm human, 

I'm only me

So when asked to describe myself;

When asked who I am 

The words that flow through my mouth are only a representation of the current moment;

The current "Me"

I do not know who I am

I know what I am like, but not who I am 

Time will tell

Through my accomplishments and fights I will learn who I am

Just as you develop a relationship with a new friend,

Through time I will learn the never-ending aspects of myself

And maybe,

Just maybe, 

Will I then be able to give a definite answer

As for now, 

I'm only me 




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