I'm One of a Kind

I'm one of a kind, did you know?

I know you didn't, but look at this glow!

I grew up as a toddler full of cheer,

predicting my future as it got near.

Many will say smart, laughable, sometimes a little mean,

but I truly think it comes from the genes.

As a little girl people would say I was quiet, but smart.

When I received recognition, it warmed my heart.

As a teen, I was headed to a different place,

just know, that was a different case.

I was teased because I was one of a kind,

due to feelings, revenge was on my mind.

As I improved in a different way,

I realized I was going to be something at the end of 

the day.

After getting close to being older, I realized that this is a brand new start.

Later through the months, things got worse,

too many mixed emotions, I was going to burst!

Soon I said this is enough, I noticed that my past ways 

made me tough! 

After graduation of high school, I was not ready for adulthood to start,

wow, I began to show my part.

Soon through the semesters, I began to crumble and fall,

Could not believe I wanted to give up my all!

I began to pray and pray, and ask God to show me the way!

Later, I began to understand what he tried to show,

felt like he gave me a new wind to blow!

I realized at the age I am now, that I have a purpose to now

show my gifts, realized I did a 180 degree twirl,

I hope when things get better and big changes happen,

I want to be able to help change the world!

I'm one of kind, did you know?

I told you, I don't go with the flow... 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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