I'm not Autistic~ I'm "just James"

What is your name?

Seems like an easy question.

Even children as young as two know the answer.

A stranger behind you in line, leans over to the child and ask, “What is your name?” fully expecting a response.

Every two year old should know their name and I was no exception. I knew it, however I couldn’t speak it.

Being Autistic left me full of knowledge.

I was aware of everyone and everything around me.

I was just unable to express myself.

Maybe the “wires” were crossed or I was nervous.

At times maybe I found it easier in a world moving so fast to just sit back and remain quite.

The way I reacted socially and spoke so infrequently became known to the family as “just James."

He’s so quiet!” Oh that’s “just James!”

No one knew I had Aspergers.

I never was called stupid or weird.

Even though I was clearly different, my friends just thought I was quiet.

A boy of few words.

I was again known as “just James.”

 James was often changed to Jimmy, little Jim, or Jimmy jr.

I would allow someone to call me something other then “just James” because it was easier then speaking up to correct it. 

I never speak of my disability or use it as an excuse. I’d rather be known as “just James” the shy kid not as the autistic one.

Throughout my high school years I started to advocate for myself.

To use my voice to ask for what I want and to refuse what I dislike.

I slowly learned not to be intimated by conversation.

Don’t be mistaken I’m still a man of few words. However I’m now able without hesitation to answer one of life’s simplest questions.

What is you name? I'm "just James!"


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