I'm in Love With My Ex

I'm in love with my ex, it's time I've finally said it.

I felt as if pushing him away life would be simpler, it's not I must admit.


My mind lingers on his memory on the slowest of days.

Making me wish I was still the one centered upon his gaze.


His smile lights up my dreams in the midst of night.

I pray to God and to God again, to bring him back in my sight.


His laugh would echo my body to fill my spirit with fire.

With him, all my visions and dreams were easy for me to aspire.


My fingers crave to run across his body, to feel the warmth of his skin.

The thought of being in his arms once more, my body is already asking "where's he been?"


I'm in love with my ex, seemingly too late what can I say. 

For too long I've been living with the consequences damn near everyday.


For my heart aches every minute, same as my soul.

It seems without him, my being no longer feels as whole.


My worries flood to entrap my mind, as if I'm being drowned.

They wonder for when I return, if he will indeed still want me around.


With dwindling hope, my heart is starting to soak in its sorrow.

For I'm afraid me pushing till he was gone, I've therefore lost our last tomorrow.


I'm in love with my ex, and to confess this is my bane.

But what I want most in the world is to be his once again.






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