I'm Here

Typing furiously.
Fingers cramping.
Words flowing…
Writers block.

Ideas ignite.
Thoughts typed.
Almost done.
Momentary pause.

Reflecting back.
Long ago.
College days.
New beginnings.

I learned.
I conquered.
I graduated.
I’m here.

With education.
With connections.
With perseverance.
I’m here.

Through classes.
Through teachers.
Through internships.
I’m here.

Family’s support.
Professors’ support.
Peers’ support.
I’m here.

To bottom.
To top.
Hard work.
Paid off.

I’m here.
I work.
I love.
I write.

My dream.
My past.
My present.
My future.

A journalist.
An investigator.
A servicer.
To share.

Accomplished feelings.
Much appreciated.
Pause over.
Continue writing.

I’m here.


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