Im Dying by Aleek Nibbs


United States
25° 53' 23.0676" N, 80° 12' 25.3188" W

I am dying, yet I continue to live
I wake up, yet my mind drifts in a endless slumber
My thirst for knowledge is slowly dying of dehydration
My hunger for excitement dies of famine
I am dying

I can smile and laugh with my peers
yet behind closed doors I weep at my struggles
For I have lost more than I have gained
In order to see those around me smile with content
does that mean I must sacrifice my own happiness in a pit of despare and agony
I am dying

Traveling along the road of disappointment preparing to take the highway to failure
I pray for a flat tire, I pray that somewhere there is a accident on this highway
In which I can look for the nearest exit
Search for a brighter path with nothing but green lights until I reach my destination

I was not born to dye in despair
I was not born to die in defeat
I was born to share my knowledge grace and intelligence with peers
I was born to have no end, but to have a beginning in which lives on through my words
I am Living


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