I'm dangerous too!

Sat, 11/22/2014 - 18:24 -- I_Am


I wish I could've told my rapist I'm fucking dangerous
Maybe if I did I wouldn't be going through this bull shit
4 years of a child's life taken and slaughtered
Years of him drinking liquor but my 14 year old body made him hotter
Young essence with child like beauty I was supposed to go un-bothered
I wish I could tell my moms ex boyfriend I'm fucking dangerous
But I was a wee bit young to even curse better yet to gain a curse because an event like this sent my mind and soul in an early hurse
I wish I could've told my father's father I'm fucking dangerous
But.... There's no but because I stood up grabbed a knife and pointed at his throat
I told him nigga no, hell no
I am dangerous because I now found my strength to speak the fuck up and get the fuck out of those fucked up situations
But let it be known I wasn't his only little situation
Others experienced that same I did, left and right they came out when I spoke the hell up
12 years of age they accused that man who took 4 years of my child hood away to life in prison and finally took his life away
14 years of age they accused the man who touched his only son's daughter like she was a corner hooker waiting for a fix, to 30 years in prison... But I mean he didn't have long to live anyway
Ungrateful bastard tried to take what was mines but never again
Now let this be the reason known why I don't have much trust in men
It's not you it's the guys before you who have sinned, trying to gain that happy grin of lust after thrust after thrust
So excuse if I get a little angry at times because I'm sensitive about mines
My body my soul myself as a whole so JB this one is for you because I thank you for telling your rapist you were dangerous because know...
That I am fucking dangerous
I'm now infamous for being dangerous to the lust bustin ass bums
I make sure their thoughts break into crumbs before anything further is done because I'm for damn sure not the one... For damn sure.... Not that one
My hate, anger, and rage can cause a man to suffer a thousand years pain in one day
But thats only if you fucking me over or just try to fuck me bent over
Without my consent
Don't worry I'm still sweet as a flowers sweet nectar
But I'm still..... Fucking dangerous
Dangerously in rage if someone comes my way and try to do that shit again
Because again won't be my middle name, nor shame, fear, nor pain
My my nigga I am dangerous.... Once again
Mutha fucka I'm dangerous than any prison thug you'll ever come in contact with
I will hurt your soul so bad if you come near me again that I will split your shit in two four six and eights... Saute that ass up and serve your ass on a damn dinner plate


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